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Project Manager: Mailyn Solarte

Surgery Centers

All our surgeries are accompanied by recognition and pelvic floor exercises to preserve and maintain the firmness, elasticity, functionality, and aesthetics of the tissue that makes up the vagina.

We work in partnership with the most advanced, sophisticated and renowned medical centers in Barcelona

Medical Equipment

We work in partnership with the best doctors and surgeons of Barcelona.

Vaginal surgery is a simple and easy to recover intervention done in the vaginal area of the woman, and its purpose is aesthetic and functional.

Women that are experiencing problems in their intimate area will be able to recover the sensitivity, functionality, aesthetics, and aspect of the vagina.

We preserve and maintain the tissue that makes up the vagina with pelvic floor rehabilitation through urogynecological physiotherapy.

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Mailyn Solarte | Director

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Barcelona – Spain

  +34 640 847 411

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