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This procedure consists in joining the membrane that surrounds the entrance of the vagina; therefore virginity will be recovered.

– Aimed at: Women between the ages of 18 and 60 who want to regain their virginity.
– For women who for social, cultural, emotional, ethnic or religious reasons want to be virgins again.
– Women who for luxury, vanity, elegance, taste, courage or sexual fantasies want and yearn to be virgins to have a sexual experience that feels like their first time.


The surgery has no contraindications. However, a pre-surgery evaluation will be done to rule out any complications.


– The recovery is fast, the woman will need two rest days and should avoid any vigorous physical activity, sports, and tight clothes. The patient will be able to walk and enjoy Barcelona without any difficulty and on the 4th-7th day can resume their regular routine.
– The woman can enjoy her virginity seven days after the procedure.
– During intercourse the woman will feel like it’s the first time, again experiencing being a virgin.
– The woman can demonstrate to her social, cultural, family and religious environment that she is a virgin.

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