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– This procedure is used in the following cases

Large Labia

Anatomically, the major and minor vaginal labia may be large, prominent, asymmetrical, loose and dark in color compared to the rest of the vaginal mucosa.

In this case, to give it an aesthetic and the anatomy desired by the woman, we will intervene to reduce the size and the loose and hanging skin of the labia.

Small Labia

The tissue that forms the labia tends to lose firmness, elasticity, diameter, and thickness.

In this procedure, we will increase the thickness of the labia so that they have a prominent, aesthetic, and natural look.

Aimed at:

-Women between the 18 and 60 years who feel discomfort, insecurity, and embarrassment when noticing their labia with some clothes.
-Women with small, long, asymmetrical, or sagging labia.
-Women who want to rejuvenate their labia.
-Women who will start a new relationship and want a youthful, more attractive labia.


The surgery has no contraindications. However, a pre-surgery evaluation will be done to rule out any complications.


– The recovery is fast, the patient will need two rest days and should avoid any vigorous physical activity, sports, and tight clothes. The patient will be able to walk and enjoy Barcelona without any difficulty and on the 4th-7th day can resume their usual routine.
– The woman will become confident and regain her self-esteem after seeing that her labia have the desired anatomical aesthetic and appearance.
– The woman will be able to wear clothes that could not wear before because of the appearance of her labia.

We use pelvic floor exercises to help maintain the muscle tissue that makes up the vagina.

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