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Director: Mailyn Solarte

Salud Wom

We are specialists in the intimate beauty of women; our purpose is to restore vaginal aesthetics and functionality.

Mailyn Solarte

Degree in Physiotherapy from the Universidad del Cauca, Colombia. Specialist in Physiotherapy in Obstetrics and Urogynecology and Master in Advanced Techniques in Physiotherapy for Women by the European University in Madrid, Spain. She has worked for more than ten years in rehabilitation and currently works as part of a team consisting of gynecologists, dermatologists, psychologists and nutritionists at the best clinics and hospitals in Barcelona such as MBG Gynecology Center, Gynecology and Obstetrics collaborating with the Gynecological Team of Dr. Xavier Marquès , Dr. Marta García del Real and Dr. Andrea de Sas Vidal-Ribas, at the Go & Fer Clinic collaborating with the Dermatologist Urbà González and the Gynecologist Isabel Fernández, in EIX Mèdic Gynecology with Doctor Carlos Pardina Palleja and the Mamaioga Center with its Director Mercè Comellas.

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Mailyn Solarte | Director

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Barcelona – Spain

  +34 640 847 411

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