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Read more about our patients’ experience who have trusted in our services and have given us the privilege of being by their side on their road to recover. We thank them for their words and their time and dedication to writing lovely messages.
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I suffered from vaginismus for many years of my life. I never thought I could have a solution beyond psychological treatment until one day, listening to a radio program, I heard about a possible solution through physiotherapy. I went to the consultation of my current gynecologist, and after I explained my concerns, he immediately put me in contact with Mailyn and in just six months, at 46, the problem was solved.

I do not know precisely what was the origin of my vaginismus, although I always thought that maybe it was the sexual abuse that I suffered as a child … the fact is that I could never have full and satisfactory sexual relations with any of my partners and any prosperous relationship in part because of this problem. Sex for me was synonymous with: fear, filth, physical and emotional pain, impotence, shame, guilt and at the end of a rejection. One of my partners even told me: “when you fix you, let me know.

It was not easy, but I wanted to do it, I wanted to overcome it and, not just because I was just starting a relationship and I did not want to feel rejected for the same issue, but I wanted to do it, as an act of love and respect toward myself.

The understanding, the delicacy, and sweetness, with which Mailyn treated me from the first day helped me to trust in the process and to be vulnerable despite the pain that caused me little by little through exercises, massages and with the help of other equipment I started to see an improvement.

Today, I am fully recovered. It was one of the most beautiful jobs of my life for which I am enormously grateful. Thank you, Mailyn, for all your dedication, effort and your loving guidance.


Mailyn is a tremendous professional and thanks to her sessions I have improved much more than I thought. After a natural birth of a 4kg baby my pelvic floor was pretty bad, and after trying some options, it was not until I met her when I started the change. I have improved both my functions and my appearance. I’m happy! Her knowledge of the woman’s body knows all the latest advances, accompanied by her pedagogy and exquisite treatment makes a difference from the first session. What you learn with her already serves you for life. I recommend it for all women at any stage because now I know how important it is to take care of the pelvic floor and how easy and efficient to apply what I learned with Maylin. Thanks!


“When Mailyn suggested the perineal massage, I hesitated, but then I thought that I should do everything in my power to have the best possible delivery and post-delivery.

I have to highlight, in addition to their professionalism, their ability to make you feel comfortable and relaxed during the massage, which is incredibly important.
The sessions with the physiotherapist must be completed with a massage at home, as I did, but undoubtedly, to achieve good results, massage with the physiotherapist is essential.
In my case, I had a good delivery and a very good post-delivery. If I got pregnant again, I would go for the perineal massage again.

When I gave birth, after the quarantine, I started postpartum recovery classes, doing hypopressive abdominal exercises. The physiotherapist asked me about my delivery and how I felt with my pelvic floor; from there he recommended a pelvic floor rehabilitation to start and here I learned what is the pelvic floor and how to work, until then, I did not know what it was or was was it for. I have learned to work my pelvic floor, and work is noticeable, I have a flatter belly, and on the way home, after doing the exercises, I notice muscles that I did not even know I had.

I have also learned things I can do at home, like using a stool in the toilet or squeezing the pelvic floor when I sneeze, things that I can continue doing effortlessly, and I know that I am helping to take care of my pelvic floor.
Mailyn has been very attentive to me and has given me an answer to all the doubts I had.


I have been in the rehabilitation of pelvic floor, both the treatment and the physiotherapist has been excellent I have been thrilled. I give her 10 out of 10. Everything perfect. Apart from the rehabilitation, all my doubts have been explained to me very well, and she has given me many recommendations.


Six years ago I was diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy and polymyalgia. If someone suffers from any of these diseases, they will know that they cause alterations in movements, generalized pains, fatigue, insomnia, etc. They are chronic pathologies, for which they need to be treated and controlled periodically by specialists.

I was informed that exercise (provided it was moderate) was beneficial for these ailments. And for a while, I was wondering what kind of discipline I could do. Pilates had always attracted my attention, so when an acquaintance told me that she was doing classes, I got interested, I asked her and thanks to her I met Mailyn.

Due to my personal circumstances, I agreed with her that she would come twice a week to my home.
That was how little by little, not only was I finding an improvement to my ailments, but I also gained elasticity, lightness of movements and balance and most importantly, I barely had to resort to painkillers.

Apart from Pilates, thanks to Mailyn being a physiotherapist, she has been able to give me the right exercise at every moment according to my physical condition. Some days I have practiced massages, have never missed the beneficial stretches and lately, we include at the end of each session, relaxation, and awareness of the body-mind relationship.
The method that Mailyn uses, incorporating in each class music and sounds of nature, along with her quiet and sweet voice, makes the induction to the state of relaxation easy and that lasts after each session.

At the beginning of each class, she always asks about my health, my physical condition, how I feel, and chooses what exercises to do based on this.
A 10 for this young therapist who with so much enthusiasm and dedication turns to her patients.


Although I still have not recovered completely and I’m still not consistent with my exercises Mailyn keeps encouraging me session after session looking for alternatives, adapting the exercises to my rhythm of life, advising me, what a coach!!! I know that finally together and thanks to her I will get it, without a doubt, the best choice.


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